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Moon Steel Engineering will provide the detailed drawings for steel fabricators and steel erectors to use in the construction of buildings, bridges, Conveyors, platforms and other structures.
Our Steel detailers will prepare detailed plans, drawings and other documents for the manufacture and erection of steel columns, beams, braces, trusses, girders and miscellaneous steel like stairs and handrails.
Our steel detailing involves the creation of detailed drawings for fabricators and contractors, and includes plans and estimates, as well as other reports and important tasks. The process involves two main types of drawings—shop drawings and erection drawings.

  • Shop drawings specify every miniscule detail of an individual steel piece or component (columns, beams, joists, trusses, braces etc.) that needs to be made by a steel fabricator. Shop drawings include material specifications, component sizes and dimensions, surface specs, welding, bolting and painting details, and all other information required for the fabrication of each component.
  • Erection drawings portray dimensioned plans and specify the location of each steel component within the overall structure. These drawings include detailed and specific information about the position of each component, the requirements for installing them, and all the associated field work such as installing bolts, wedge anchors and welding spots.

Our Steel detailing services also include other important stages such as reinforcing steel detailing, anchor setting plans, steel design, connectivity diagrams, shop bolt summary and BoM (Bill of Materials).

We follow Steel detailing standards as follows

  • American Institute of Steel Detailing.
  • Canadian Institute of Steel Construction.
  • Australian Institute of Steel Construction.
  • Euro Codes and British Standard Codes.
  • Indian standard code for structural steel design.